Benefits of Day Boarding School

If you are a parent struggling between regular school hours of your kid and scheduled working hours of your office, then day boarding school may be the answer.

A boarding school is an institution where children live within the premises. Such institutions provide both lodging and meals to the students. They are only allowed to meet their parents during the vacations or according to a pre-defined schedule. In a day boarding school, on the other hand, the students attend the school during the day and return to their home in the evening. Students spend extended hours in the school, taking part in several curricular and extra-curricular activities. Schools also provide meals to students. Day boarding school is an excellent solution for the challenges faced by working parents. There are a plethora of benefits that day boarding offers over a traditional boarding school. Some of them are:

  1. Multi-dimensional development of the child: The student remains engaged throughout a well-planned day that focuses on curricular activities and extra-curricular activities such as sports, competitions, etc.
  2. Development of Social Quotient: Since the student remains in the company of his peers and teachers throughout the day, it contributes to his social skills, a much sought-after management skill. It also helps in nurturing the moral values of the child.
  3. Better attention from teachers: In a conventional day school, not every student gets the attention from the teacher. Such shortcomings are taken care of in a day boarding setup. The children get the best quality education with the teachers paying attention to every individual.
  4. Balanced family life: The trend of the nuclear family is on the rise. “Who will supervise the child?” is the constant question. Day boarding is the solution between the extremes. While ensuring that the child is in safe hands and his education is not compromised, parents can freely devote their time to their work. Later in the evening, the family unites, thereby not depriving anyone of the bond that a family shares. Inculcating family values in a child is an integral part of his growth. By admitting their kid to a day boarding school, parents are around their child without compromising their work life. It is a win-win situation for all.
  5. Economically sustainable: Though the school offers all the facilities for the overall well-being of the child, such as education and sports infrastructure, meals, stationery, etc., it doesn’t create a hole in the pocket of the parents, unlike residential schools. One of the key reasons is that a day boarding school is not required to build any additional infrastructure in the name of a hostel. Subsequently, the cost gets reduced.
  6. Holistic Growth: Most of these schools are co-ed. It contributes to the development of the emotional growth of the child. In a co-ed environment, they learn to respect and support each other, which betters understanding. It gives them brownie points when dealing with the opposite gender later in their life in the professional setup, let alone making their time at the school more engaging.
  7. Medical Support: Should there be any medical emergencies, day boarding schools are well equipped to deal with them. For emergencies such as accidents, sickness, etc., they have facilities such as an ambulance, in-house medical aid, and a medical emergency room. Parents can also reach their children to provide the much-needed parental supervision and care in the face of such an incident.


Raising a child is an experience that no parent wants to miss. Instilling family values while spending quality time with the child is on every parents’ list. However, hassles of daily life sometimes raise a question on the feasibility of the co-existence of working and personal life. In such cases, day boarding schools offer a respite.



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