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 “A good school infrastructure with good spaces makes it a good place for the children to study” and LBS has it all.

The dictionary definition of the word institution is “An organization founded and united for a specific purpose”. True to every word, LBS Group of educational institutions, conceptualized and immediately put to the service of society in 1991 by Mr. Kuldeep Mathur, have proved its mettle in being successful providers of affordable and accessible education to the broader societal stratum. Pursuing this noble cause, LBS group has transformed into one of the fastest growing education service providers in the region and has come to be recognized as one of the most experienced education and training organizations in the region.

The framework of education has changed to greatly encompass aspects such as the march of science and technology, the advent of information technology, internationalization, changing family lifestyles and consequent cultural shift, besides many peculiar factors affecting today’s child. Correspondingly, the environment surrounding the child is undergoing dramatic changes continuously with a variety of issues coming to the fore. We believe that the age old lethargic system of bombarding students with the information overload has all but extinguished or is on its way to oblivion and a new system is taking shape that triggers fresh ideas, stimulates conceptual curiosity and leads to a 360° development of the student.

Consequently we at LBS follow the universal principles considered to be extremely important for education coupled with the sharp focus on contemporary evolving systems to foster a personality circumscribed in our culture & traditions yet adept in today’s constantly changing competitive landscape. LBS offers wholesome educational solutions including schooling, advanced degrees, diploma courses, post diploma courses, vocational training courses spanning Information Technology, academics, manufacturing . and other job oriented courses relevant in the current competitive scenario.

 The best boarding hostel facilities for boys.
 Awarded with “The Best Residential School of the Year” at Dubai International School Awards 2019.
 Live online classes for students, pre-recorded lectures, intellectual sessions, E-classrooms, digital availability of assignments, series, notes etc.
 Use of these tools like puzzles, animated explanations, web-based learning and other challenging apps make children more advance.
 Co-curricular activities include Sports, Music, Dance, Public Speaking, Extempore, Art & Craft and On-Stage activities.
 Smart classrooms, full-fledged Laboratories, Library and Hostel and Mess facilities are also available.
 LBS School proudly takes the leading role in making learning an active and joyful process.
 We have a high-quality infrastructure with qualified, trained and friendly staff members.
 The Boarding facility at LBS School provide a home-like environment for students so they can look upon school as a second home with a 360 degree educational experience.